Edward Cowie · 24 Preludes

Release: 2008, UHR

Philip Mead, piano


Edward Cowie - 24 Preludes

Kiama Blowhole (NSW, Australia), C Minor

My 24 Preludes for solo piano were inspired by 24 landscapes in different parts of the world that I have visited. The drawings which accompany each of the preludes (see below) are ‘memory-maps’ of my sensual experiences in those landscapes. There is also a sub-division in this series into 4 groups of 6, each being devoted to one of the 4 elements: water, air, earth, fire. In addition, I wanted to re-explore the 24 major and minor key regions, because I have always been interested in an interplay between what could be called tonality and atonality.

‘Philip Mead’s consummate skill and understanding is evident in every bar.’ – International Record Review Magazine

‘Mead seems sensitive to every nuance of Cowie’s imagination, and truly appreciates the beauty contained here… Cowie’s imagination is remarkable. This is a fascinating, cogent set of Preludes… a startlingly successful whole.’ – Tempo Magazine

  1. O Brook (Devon, England), C Major
  2. Kiama Blowhole (NSW, Australia), C Minor
  3. Cancleve (Cornwall, England (sea mists)), G Major
  4. River Dronne (Dordogne, France), G minor
  5. St Maxime Beach (Provence, France), D Major
  6. Tennessee River (Tenn., USA), D Minor
  7. Boscastle (Cornwall, England (gale)), A Major
  8. Hay Plains Twisters (NSW, Australia), A Minor
  9. 35,000 Feet (Straits of Java), E Major
  10. Tapada (Portugal (Thermal Raptors)), E Minor
  11. Lake Eacham (N. Queensland, Australia (Night Breezes)), B Major
  12. Dartington Gardens (Devon, England (Autumn Leaf-fall)), B Minor
  13. Ularu (Australia), F Sharp Minor
  14. Crackington Haven (Cornwall, England), F Sharp Minor
  15. Rosedale (Yorkshire, England), C Sharp Minor
  16. Glencoe (Scotland), C Sharp Minor
  17. Brecon Beacons (Wales), A Flat Major
  18. Shenandoah Valley (Virginia, USA), A Flat Minor
  19. Sunrise (Loch Carron, Scotland), E Flat Major
  20. Bush Fires (Bluewater, N Queensland, Australia), E Flat Minor
  21. Home Fire (Garlinge Green, Kent, England), B Flat Major
  22. Blast Furnaces at Port Kembla Steel Works (NSW, Australia), B Flat Minor
  23. New Year Fireworks (Kassel, Germany), F Major
  24. Sunset (Dartmoor, Devon, England), F Minor