Edward Cowie

Edward Cowie – British Composer, Visual Artist

Edward’s quartets feel like something you inhabit rather than something that you use to evoke. It’s an unusual kind of virtuosity that the music provokes, as it is both a kind of ‘display’ that reveals itself through playing, and virtuosity in a much older sense, exploring the nature of the material itself.

Neil Heyde, Cello

Cowie’s music is often condensed and enigmatic: the music that separates us from the land and the sea and then returns being the things we so much are. There are, in Cowie’s music, songs that sound for those that cannot sing.

John Fuller, Artist

I love performing Edward's music: it comes from his heart; it is challenging, frequently elegant and beautiful, and sometimes in your face. I treasure my collaborations with Edward, my searching and restless friend.

Nicholas Kok, Conductor

It has been a privilege to discover and learn Edward's music - a thoroughly absorbing experience, pushing my physical and mental capacity to the limit - and ultimately, leading to a deeply felt congruence of composer, instrument and performer; and of music, art, science and nature. Thrilling!

Mihailo Trandafilovski, Violin

Wild and gorgeous sounds.

Sir Michael Berry, FRS

Asks searching questions about what music is. The composer's vision is contained in the evolution of a sound.

Roderick Chadwick, Piano